My First Colourpop! The Ultra Matte Lip

On Cyber Monday this year, I made the impulse decision to treat myself to something new. I almost never participate in Cyber Monday because I never have enough money around this time, but I was fortunate enough to have a few dollars to spare. Hearing so much about the legendary Colourpop Cosmetics and their liquid matte lipsticks, I sauntered over to their site to have a closer look. After watching swatching videos on Youtube; a necessity when you have a darker complexion, I picked the best 3 lipsticks to start with, paid my money, and sat in anticipation. Don’t you hate when you have to actually WAIT for something to come in the mail…?


Finally, Saturday comes! My package is here! I ran to the mailbox early in the morning but sure enough, it wasn’t there yet. I sulked back to my apartment to wait an hour or two. After some time, I ran to my mailbox again and lo and behold, my lippies are finally here!


L to R: Be-Dazzled, Limbo, Avenue.
With flash!


While I didn’t take any actual photos of the actual packaging (and frankly I’m too lazy to do so at the moment), I can say that it’s very simple: white with red accents at the top and bottom lids with holographic lettering. I’m a sucker for holographic ANYTHING so this was already a bonus point for Colourpop.


Be-Dazzled, without lip liner. Also, I really like my mouth dimple a lot.
Avenue, with MAC lip liner in Brick. There’s a filter obviously, but you get the idea!

Limbo, without any lip liner. Note to self: invest in new lip liner colors.
I was initially very skeptical that these wouldn’t look good because I like to try ’em before I buy ’em. In fact, I was so nervous that I closed my eyes while first applying Be-Dazzled and filming a video for my Snapchat story. But boy, am I glad I bought these! It was love at first…applying, and I flipped out when I saw how great they looked on me! I didn’t want to take them off at all when I was finished because they were THAT. FREAKING. COOL.

Quick run-through:
Be-Dazzled is a very deep-but-bright-at-the-same-time purple. Similar to MAC’s Heroine which I own, but it’s hella bright. It’s funky. And it’s perfect for when you want to just look fierce as f%@^!
Avenue is a dark cherry red (apparently it’s a yellow-red but to me it looks more cherry!). Redder than what I’m used to wearing on the reg, which is Ruby Woo usually, but it’s a really sweet color for when I don’t want to be too “loud” in my lipstick choice and prefer a more demure look. I find it ideal for practically ANY situation, but best for professional events and mostly-formal gatherings.
Limbo flipping ROCKS. After years of trying to find the perfect nude lipstick, I can’t believe I struck gold big time with this one! It’s actually really close to my skin tone and I love how it doesn’t wash out my face. I can see myself rocking this for any situation when I don’t feel like wearing any bright colors.

FINAL VERDICT: I’m super satisfied with my very first Colourpop lippies and I couldn’t have picked a better few shades to start my collection with. My only beef with it is that it’s a little hard for me to take off. I have to use LUSH Cosmetics’ Ultrabland facial cleanser to wipe it off because regular wet wipes won’t do. Of course, this is my first experience with liquid matte lipsticks so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of removal soon! Otherwise, all three of them get a 6/5 from me. I am definitely buying more from them again in the near future.

That’s my verdict; now what’s yours? Have you ever tried liquid matte lipsticks before?

Abeni, out!





My Lipstick Collection – Part 1!

I think I have a legitimate borderline addiction to lipstick. I have a TON of them!

…Okay, okay, maybe not THAT much, but it sure is enough to play around with. Let’s cut right to it, shall we? Here are the MAC lipsticks I have amassed over the past 3 years.


L to R: Dubonnet, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, Heroine, Instigator, Sin, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo

Top to bottom: Heroine, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, Dubonnet, Sin, Instigator





Ruby Woo (ignore the sloppy paintjob here)


Flat Out Fabulous
Heroine, Part I
Viva Glam Miley Cyrus
Heroine, Part II

While I have the option to buy some more lipsticks from MAC in the near future, I think I am satisfied with the 7 I have now. Maybe because 7 is my lucky number this year! Or just the fact that I’m super broke at the moment.

I’m especially happy with the choice of shades! Sin is my favorite for the latter half of the year when the winds get colder (sometimes in Florida) and I want to match that mood. I actually haven’t used Heroine in the longest time because the lipstick itself mysteriously broke off and I’ve needed to use a brush to apply it now, but it’s great because it stands out so well with my skin color and when I’m feeling hella adventurous.
Ruby Woo, though, is probably the BEST OF THE BEST red lipstick any girl could own. It’s radiant, it’s striking, it’s a confidence booster, it’s matte, AND it makes my teeth look whiter! Prior to when I bought it back in the fall of 2015, I read nothing but overwhelming praise for this very red lipstick. The minute I put it on my lips, it felt like a new beginning for me. I’d been searching for a great red lippy forever, and this was it. I still wear it on the days when I feel like putting in some effort and it makes me feel un-freakin’-stoppable. Bonus: It looks beautiful on EVERY skin tone, from pale to the darkest brown. 10/10 would highly recommend this lippy for your collection.

Overall, if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself so far with my personal lipstick knowledge, I tend to lean towards wearing mattes than creamier formulas. Maybe it’s a preference thing? Who knows, as I try out more lipsticks maybe it’ll be equal or even the other way around! Stay tuned for Part 2 of my lipstick collection! ^~^

Abeni, out!