Starting Over and REBRANDING! (…Sort of!)

For those who keep up with my blog, y’all might have noticed that you haven’t heard gunfire from me in such a long time. For that, I am truly sorry. I’ve had a few big things happen to me since 2017 started…but that’s another day! I want to direct your attention to what I’m writing about in this post.

Since I started this blog many years ago, I’ve gone through several name changes. First, it was “The Weird Black Girls Club”, then it was “How To Be Abeni”, and right now it is “Hey, Abeni!” All these changes are probably uncommon for a fairly new blogger…or is it?


The truth is, I’ve been having second thoughts about whether I should continue with “Hey Abeni”…the name, of course. From this blog’s conception, I have had absolutely no idea of what direction to take this blog. I always knew that I didn’t want to focus on JUST beauty because my beauty expertise is not big enough to do this. I’m too poor to travel so being a strictly travel blogger was out of the question, too; not to mention my blog would REALLY be collecting dust. I’m not much of a “foodie”, I don’t have the equipment and whatever else to be a solely-fashion blogger. Would this be a creative-writing blog? I like it, but I don’t want to strictly focus on just that either….

So where would I fit in?

That’s what I’m still trying to figure out. I feel like my blog category would fit best under “Lifestyle”, because it is a little bit of everything. I know that I’ve always wanted to make a blog about being a weird Black girl; something that weird Black girls like me can easily relate to when they think that they’re alone in their weirdness. I know that I’ve wanted that audience of weird, quirky Black girls to be my target audience, because these are the people I’ve always wanted to have as friends when I was growing up as a kid, but never met any of, let alone enough.

I will admit that I am not great at this blogging thing. That I’ve changed the name numerous times is an indicator of having no idea where exactly to take this blog, or even what I am really doing with it. Is “Hey, Abeni!” too simple? I feel like it’s a decent name, but it doesn’t encompass what I REALLY want this blog to be, which is a place where people can relate to my wacky shenanigans and hopefully garner some great life tips. That being said, I don’t want to get rid of “Hey Abeni” completely. Maybe it will be the name for another cool project I do. Maybe it’ll be the name of my own TV show! HAHA!

As time goes by, I’ll hopefully figure things out and be comfortable with this blog’s identity enough that I can continue to write and make my dream of having a great blog a reality. Maybe I’ll buy a domain name and turn this into a real, full-fledged website! Funnily enough, I never thought my blog would be the one having an identity crisis…! Hopefully, this “sort-of” rebranding will help me to make this blog into something really great, and allow my voice to be heard across wider scopes. I want to be that cool big sister that I never had when I was a kid, to other girls like me. I want to be a voice for the ones that don’t have a voice or are too nervous to speak for themselves.

I’m going to be doing some reconstruction with my social media. But from this day forward, “Hey Abeni!” will be no more. Stay tuned for the new adventures of…

Abeni Mad Maverick!


Abeni, out!

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Egg Drop Soup With A Whole Lotta Kale (And Other Greens)

Okay, so let me tell you about this FRICKIN’ AMAZING SOUP that I made last night (1-24-2016).

With flash…

This right here is egg drop soup with the following things:

  • Egg drop soup mix, or any broth will do
  • 1 egg
  • Dino kale
  • Curly kale
  • Spinach (I think it’s flat spinach, I honestly forgot the name)
  • Green onions, scallions, whichever name tickles your fancy
  • Olive oil (to sautee)
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Garlic powder

All of the greens I used are fresh from UCF’s very own arboretum, isn’t that rad? And doesn’t this sound just delish?! Well, that’s because IT IS. Holey moley, I’m usually a very modest person with everything in life…but right now, I gotta give it up for myself. I need to give myself a pat on the back. This was sooooooo soooooo good!

For the egg drop soup itself, I bought a packet of egg drop soup mix from Publix on Monday during my grocery shopping. Foolish me thought it was going to come with egg shards or something…never mind that, though. I put the soup mix in some water to bring it to a boil, then I cracked an egg and whipped it around the pot until it started looking like ribbons. For me, this is nothing new as I’ve made egg drop ramen noodle soup in the past.

Meanwhile, I began sautéeing the kales and spinach with olive oil in one pan. It’s coming along GREAT. After it started to taste nice and savory, I turned the stove off and transferred them to the soup that I transferred to the bowl. I topped it with the green onions, took one sip of that sucker, and…


Yep, you guessed it. I caught that holy ghost. I done died and went to heaven with just one taste of this magnificent soup of mine. My spirit literally left my body and sang to the heavens. And then I asked myself…HOW did I do it. EYE did that?! I made this holy concoction?



You know, maybe this is the time that I finally realize my true potential….eh, maybe not today. But for now, I’m celebrating big time because I’m slowly but surely learning how to cook certain things. It’s a process!

…without flash!

What amazing foods have you made lately? Or is there something in particular that you’re extremely proud of?

Abeni, out!

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Looking Back On 2016

New Year’s Eve. The last day of the year. Did I think I would come this far? Well…yeah I did, but it amazes me how fast time flies!

One major thing I’ve been doing all year was keeping track of all the nice positive things that happened to me each and every day. Every day. Being that I’m the kind of person to start a 365-a-day challenge and forget about it after a week, THAT IS HUGE!


On December 28th, I went through each month and highlighted the best days of every month. What were they and what happened? Well, let’s take a look.

January 19th: It was a cold day and I wore a white turtleneck. Before leaving for something on campus, I locked my keys in my room…bur was able to get them out in the nick of time! I also wore MAC’s Instigator for the first time. As the day was winding down, I spent some time and chatted with this lovely guy (who will be referred to only as TLG for the time being).

February 14th+15th: Valentine’s Day was just like any other Sunday: do homework, make random food, make smoothies, study, listen to music. Then, near the end of the day, I get a text from TLG wishing me a happy V-Day, and we chatted for a while. How about later at 11:30 PM, we chatted on Skype until 7:50 AM. That’s right, I am NOT making this up. We talked for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT. The next day after I finally slept, I felt like I was floating on Cloud 9. I began to learn what being in love feels like! As of this post…I low-key still am on Cloud 9.

March 15th: I drank tea. I was in the middle of a coffee fast that lasted a month! Also, a kid complimented me on the way to my class and said that I looked like a princess today. I found it funny considering I was just wearing a black-and-white shirt, black pants, and black shoes; so really my outfit was nothing special! I still appreciated it though. I wonder how he’s doing today….

April 19th: I was almost late to class because I saw a pair of cardinals in my tree outside. I also ate some eggs and potatoes, a random guy told me I smelled good, and I noticed how strong the afternoon sunlight is when it shone through our living room windows. Oh, and I broke my month-long coffee fast.

May 14th: I’m not gonna lie, this month and the next few months until August were complete duds. It only made me realize that I need to go somewhere else next summer and not necessarily back home. But that’s beside the point.
I went to the mall, drank a butterbeer frappuccino, and got three compliments on a Twenty One Pilots shirt I bought off of Etsy. Later that night, my best friend took me to a chicken and waffles restaurant near downtown (where we went to go see the new Captain America movie). We went to Checkers afterwards and I drank a smoothie.

June 11th-12th: I actually have this as a draft to post eventually, but I’m gonna make it short and sweet for this post:
To make up for my cruddy birthday this year (I mean then again come on, is 22 really a noteworthy age to celebrate?), my brother took me and a bunch of his friends to go have Mexican food, see The Nice Guys (even in a pornstache is Ryan Gosling a hot tamale), and hit a bar afterwards. I played with his (and his now-ex) cat for five hours after she came in the room I was sleeping in.
The next day, we went kayaking! It’s a serious arm workout and I’m dying to try it again next year.

July 27th: This needs no introduction…I FINALLY GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE AT THE AGE OF 22 YEARS OLD. YES, I’m a late bloomer. But who cares, I finally got it! AND I actually like my photo! I haven’t taken a photo this good since my UCF orientation where I actually wore a flower crown for my photo. Not even kidding. I subtly show it off with pride whenever I need to use it.

5th: TLG and I talked on the phone for the very first time ever. Not only do I love his voice, but we talked for practically half of the entire day. It was surreal!
26th-27th: Not only was it my half birthday, AND not only did I start my yoga journey (that is currently on hiatus at the moment), but it was also my first day volunteering at Knights Pantry. This still remains one of the best decisions I ever made. From there, I made some new friends, learned some new things, and overall possess a sense of gratitude and philanthropy. Oh, and my best friend came over that night and we did some errands the next day, as well as turn up for her birthday.

September 20th: One year since I got my nostril pierced! Besides that, it was a simple day: drank a green tea latte, started Stranger Things (a show that I need to get back to because school was being a cockblock…in the nicest way), and, well, my outfit looked good!

October 29th: I volunteered at a parrot sanctuary in Longwood and got to be around so many cute lil feathered babies!!! I sure learned a lot that day…for example, macaws are gigantic in real life, and also that a lot of these birds are coming from unsafe or questionable conditions. I still think about these birds a lot, as strange as that sounds, with that underlying comfort that they’re in the best hands.

19th: Again, another drafted post for another day so I will make it short and sweet. I went to my first tailgate event thing, and I unexpectedly went a little TOO hard. I threw up four times total and swore to the moon that I would NEVER do this again, as you do when you’re in a situation like this. Fortunately, one of my friends was able to get me home safe and I never blacked out. That would be horrifying!
22nd: I made my own tea from scratch! AND I visited the arboretum for the first time as a part of this! AND I picked some Brazilian sunflowers and put them in my hair! It was a great day!

December 14th: I went with my roommate to Lucky’s and got some pizza. Later on, I talked to TLG and we bonded some more. Somewhat near the end, he told me that I was the reason that he’s become a changed man with a clear sense of what he wants. In fact, his exact words consisted of “I’ve changed cause of you” and “You mean to me that goodness is out there and it’s so worth the effort.” To this day, I cherish these things whenever they happen. Knowing that I’m making a positive impact on at least one person’s life? I hope that all these mistakes I’m making, things I’m learning, and everything I’m doing or plan to do, will all be worth it in the end…and just from this alone, it’s starting to look like it. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot this year. Heck, I’m still learning. This year definitely could have been better (what with all the celebrity deaths and all), but I’m satisfied with how it turned out. I’m looking forward to what next year has in store for me, and looking forward to taking more risks and just doing things instead of sleeping on it and asking “what if?” I’m looking forward to finally clearing out my draft lists too and churning out more ideas…and hopefully somebody to take my photos whenever I’m wearing cool outfits. Here’s to a beyond amazing 2017!!!


Are you looking forward to 2017?

One last time for 2016…

Abeni, out!

One Drunken Night… Tale 1: Twenty Times Three

DISCLAIMER: Although this tale happened when I was 20, which is NOT the legal age to be drinking in USA, I do not encourage this. Cut me some slack.
2ND DISCLAIMER: Despite the nature of these anecdotes, I am clearly a social drinker and nothing more, but this should definitely go without saying. Know your limits, eat some food before you drink, learn how to handle your liq, and NEVER drink and drive.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s STORYTIIIIIIIIIIIME!32770107

I’m gonna take you  back to May 26th, 2014, aka my 20th birthday. My first year as a non-teenager! Exciting, right?!
So my birthday day was okay; I went with my mom and little brother to the movies to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of course, just like other action movies, she didn’t like it. That’s not the most important part, though.
Since my birthday also fell on Memorial Day (I know, how inconvenient that the most important holiday ever clashes with Memorial Day, am I right?), my brother was throwing a party at his house. Since it was my birthday, I said yes and went over there. I saw him and a bunch of his other friends at the pool/tiki bar and helped myself to one Corona. Now, let me tell you:



Except not totally.

So trying a Corona was a new experience for me. Did it taste just like other beers I’ve tasted? Yes. Did I stop drinking it? No. Because it’s my damn birthday, that’s why!
I managed to down the whole bottle before I got to work on another, just casually watching everyone and shooting the breeze with random people as I took sip after sip. After my second Corona, I took my first shot ever of Fireball then went on to my 3rd Corona of the night, if you can actually believe that.
After I’ve pretty much finished Corona #4; and no, that is not a typo, I saunter over to the ping-pong table to play not one, but THREE flip cup games in a row. I barely remember if I won any of them; all I know was it was probably Bud Light involved. After my last flip cup game concluded, I went inside to use the bathroom…then helped myself to a PBR in the fridge. Yes, THAT PBR. The hipster beer. I opened the can, took one sip, and the look on my face could have rivaled one of a kid who just popped five Sour Patch Kids in his mouth. When I tell you it tasted bad….

tumblr_m8bq3zrwym1rd2qw6o1_400Never. Again.

Anyways, my other brother came to pick me up. While I’m in the car, I’m reassuring him that I’m not drunk! Although, let’s face it; when I walked into the house I ran (or made an attempt to considering how wasted I got) straight to my mom’s toilet, where I vomited three times. Each time I vomited was harder than the first. My mom came and held my hair back in the process. My head was so heavy that it remained on the toilet for a good 30 seconds and if it wasn’t for my mom and brother lifting me back up to help me get it together, I would’ve gone night-night so hard right then and there. After a wash-off in the shower and a change of clothes, I KO’d in my mom’s bed, swearing to myself, “I will NEVER do this again!” Little did I know, this was just the beginning of some zany adventures to come in this wonderful decade of our lives called our twenties.

For a very long time, I couldn’t drink Corona because of this very time that I got so drunk off of it. Of course, this happened two years ago, so with time I’ve let go of that apprehension and can drink one with ease. Ironically, it’s one of the only beers I will have at anyplace without hesitation. Then again I’ve never tried a lot of beers yet, but there’s always time!

Abeni, out!

How I Deal With My . Cramps

Oh yeah, I’m going there.

As I’m writing this post, I’m getting pre-cramps as we speak. They’re not exactly super painful like the real cramps are, but they’re definitely there and making their presence known. That can only mean one thing (no Drake).

My period is on the way.


Seriously, it’s no wonder I’ve been feeling melancholy the past few days. It always feels like forever since I had my last period, and yet when it does come around again it just serves as a reminder that time flies….

My cramps can become very unbearable. When they hit, they’re so powerful that sometimes I can’t even get out of my bed. In these times, I don’t wanna deal with anybody or anything, I just wanna go straight to the toilet and back to my bed so I can writhe in pain. When I was in high school, sometimes they got so bad that I had to call my mom to pick me up so I could go home. It was THAT BAD. And forget the freaking period cramps themselves, don’t you just love when the pre-period stuff starts coming in? I sure do…NOT. It’s not red but it’s the next obvious sign that you should bust out a pad or tampon depending on the time of day. Is this period talk making you uncomfortable? It really shouldn’t because periods are a part of womanhood. We all get them or have gotten them in the past; it’s Mother Nature’s cruel invention made to tell us “Hello, you’re not pregnant! See you in 28 days!”

Nothing has changed since then, they’re still pretty bad. I can manage going out for a whole day, but this is just me grinning and bearing it. Of course, I can’t just leave them alone, so these are some key ways I keep them at bay (the rhyming was unintentional):

  1. PAINKILLERS. Aleve, Tylenol, Advil, store-brand, generic brand, whatever you wanna call them or whatever you prefer. They should already be a necessity in your bathroom. I used to take only two ibuprofen and be done for the day, but since 2013 I bumped it up to 4. Two things about that:
    • DO NOT TAKE ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. My suggestion is to take two first. Wait about 10-30 minutes. If the pain hasn’t alleviated or worsens, take two more and consider it done.
    • DO NOT EXCEED 800 MCG. I personally have never done this and I don’t really know what would happen if I did, but I don’t really wanna know. Just don’t do it, okay?
  2. Makeshift laptop heating pad. You probably already use your laptop while you’re lying down anyway. The heat that comes from the bottom of my computer can work wonders when you’re cramping like mad. I should advise that while this has worked for myself and other girls, I sincerely DO NOT recommend doing this in an effort to replace a real heating pad. I’m just too poor to afford one. Try it every once in a while, but don’t make it a regular thing.
  3. Try not to think about it. This probably sounds like a moot idea when all you can think about are the cramps. They’re unavoidable. They want you to feel them. They take you for a weak bitch and try to ruin your day. But that’s where those cramps are sadly mistaken because you are the opposite of a weak bitch. You’re a strong woman who doesn’t take s^*# from ANYBODY, and cramps are nothing new to any of us. Try not to skip out on your day. Take some painkillers and really go about your day as usual. Before you know it, the day’s long gone! You’ll be thinking, “What cramps? I had cramps?”
  4. Yoga. Okay, I will admit I haven’t tried this specific practice out yet. But I have no qualms about this NOT working for your cramps. Yoga works for EVERYTHING: after a long day or week, stomachaches, indigestion, to boost confidence, anxiety reduction, the list is ENDLESS. I’ve been doing yoga since the beginning of this semester and holy moly, it’s a game changer. If you’re not able to attend a class, there is always Youtube (I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene, she’s super funny, personable and so encouraging that you never feel intimidated and you’re always pushed to do your best no matter what level of yoga you’re at, plus she has yoga practices for EVERYTHIIIIIIING)! This is the gist of it, but really I could go on about yoga for hours. In fact, I might just do that in a future blog post…*eyes emoji*

Periods can be the worst. Do I like the cramps, fatigue, mood swings, that pungent smell, and everything else that’s bad about them? No. But do I want to possibly stop having periods now?


Surprised? Sure, I’ve thought of what it’d be like to not have a period again. I even thought of getting a hysterectomy so I wouldn’t deal with periods again (but that’s just foolish)! But I actually kinda love getting periods. It’s a true sign of womanhood, and I love the sense of community it brings with other women, hence why I prefer living with other girls. You can’t ask a guy for a tampon.
There will come a time when I stop getting them, and I’ll be satisfied because I won’t have to deal with cramps anymore. But for now, my periods will gladly be here to stay.


Abeni, out!

P.S. I’m totally now on Facebook and this page is totally under construction (such is my life at the moment).