Starting Over and REBRANDING! (…Sort of!)

For those who keep up with my blog, y’all might have noticed that you haven’t heard gunfire from me in such a long time. For that, I am truly sorry. I’ve had a few big things happen to me since 2017 started…but that’s another day! I want to direct your attention to what I’m writing about in this post.

Since I started this blog many years ago, I’ve gone through several name changes. First, it was “The Weird Black Girls Club”, then it was “How To Be Abeni”, and right now it is “Hey, Abeni!” All these changes are probably uncommon for a fairly new blogger…or is it?


The truth is, I’ve been having second thoughts about whether I should continue with “Hey Abeni”…the name, of course. From this blog’s conception, I have had absolutely no idea of what direction to take this blog. I always knew that I didn’t want to focus on JUST beauty because my beauty expertise is not big enough to do this. I’m too poor to travel so being a strictly travel blogger was out of the question, too; not to mention my blog would REALLY be collecting dust. I’m not much of a “foodie”, I don’t have the equipment and whatever else to be a solely-fashion blogger. Would this be a creative-writing blog? I like it, but I don’t want to strictly focus on just that either….

So where would I fit in?

That’s what I’m still trying to figure out. I feel like my blog category would fit best under “Lifestyle”, because it is a little bit of everything. I know that I’ve always wanted to make a blog about being a weird Black girl; something that weird Black girls like me can easily relate to when they think that they’re alone in their weirdness. I know that I’ve wanted that audience of weird, quirky Black girls to be my target audience, because these are the people I’ve always wanted to have as friends when I was growing up as a kid, but never met any of, let alone enough.

I will admit that I am not great at this blogging thing. That I’ve changed the name numerous times is an indicator of having no idea where exactly to take this blog, or even what I am really doing with it. Is “Hey, Abeni!” too simple? I feel like it’s a decent name, but it doesn’t encompass what I REALLY want this blog to be, which is a place where people can relate to my wacky shenanigans and hopefully garner some great life tips. That being said, I don’t want to get rid of “Hey Abeni” completely. Maybe it will be the name for another cool project I do. Maybe it’ll be the name of my own TV show! HAHA!

As time goes by, I’ll hopefully figure things out and be comfortable with this blog’s identity enough that I can continue to write and make my dream of having a great blog a reality. Maybe I’ll buy a domain name and turn this into a real, full-fledged website! Funnily enough, I never thought my blog would be the one having an identity crisis…! Hopefully, this “sort-of” rebranding will help me to make this blog into something really great, and allow my voice to be heard across wider scopes. I want to be that cool big sister that I never had when I was a kid, to other girls like me. I want to be a voice for the ones that don’t have a voice or are too nervous to speak for themselves.

I’m going to be doing some reconstruction with my social media. But from this day forward, “Hey Abeni!” will be no more. Stay tuned for the new adventures of…

Abeni Mad Maverick!


Abeni, out!

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