DISCLAIMER: Although this tale happened when I was 20, which is NOT the legal age to be drinking in USA, I do not encourage this. Cut me some slack.
2ND DISCLAIMER: Despite the nature of these anecdotes, I am clearly a social drinker and nothing more, but this should definitely go without saying. Know your limits, eat some food before you drink, learn how to handle your liq, and NEVER drink and drive.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s STORYTIIIIIIIIIIIME!32770107

I’m gonna take you  back to May 26th, 2014, aka my 20th birthday. My first year as a non-teenager! Exciting, right?!
So my birthday day was okay; I went with my mom and little brother to the movies to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of course, just like other action movies, she didn’t like it. That’s not the most important part, though.
Since my birthday also fell on Memorial Day (I know, how inconvenient that the most important holiday ever clashes with Memorial Day, am I right?), my brother was throwing a party at his house. Since it was my birthday, I said yes and went over there. I saw him and a bunch of his other friends at the pool/tiki bar and helped myself to one Corona. Now, let me tell you:



Except not totally.

So trying a Corona was a new experience for me. Did it taste just like other beers I’ve tasted? Yes. Did I stop drinking it? No. Because it’s my damn birthday, that’s why!
I managed to down the whole bottle before I got to work on another, just casually watching everyone and shooting the breeze with random people as I took sip after sip. After my second Corona, I took my first shot ever of Fireball then went on to my 3rd Corona of the night, if you can actually believe that.
After I’ve pretty much finished Corona #4; and no, that is not a typo, I saunter over to the ping-pong table to play not one, but THREE flip cup games in a row. I barely remember if I won any of them; all I know was it was probably Bud Light involved. After my last flip cup game concluded, I went inside to use the bathroom…then helped myself to a PBR in the fridge. Yes, THAT PBR. The hipster beer. I opened the can, took one sip, and the look on my face could have rivaled one of a kid who just popped five Sour Patch Kids in his mouth. When I tell you it tasted bad….

tumblr_m8bq3zrwym1rd2qw6o1_400Never. Again.

Anyways, my other brother came to pick me up. While I’m in the car, I’m reassuring him that I’m not drunk! Although, let’s face it; when I walked into the house I ran (or made an attempt to considering how wasted I got) straight to my mom’s toilet, where I vomited three times. Each time I vomited was harder than the first. My mom came and held my hair back in the process. My head was so heavy that it remained on the toilet for a good 30 seconds and if it wasn’t for my mom and brother lifting me back up to help me get it together, I would’ve gone night-night so hard right then and there. After a wash-off in the shower and a change of clothes, I KO’d in my mom’s bed, swearing to myself, “I will NEVER do this again!” Little did I know, this was just the beginning of some zany adventures to come in this wonderful decade of our lives called our twenties.

For a very long time, I couldn’t drink Corona because of this very time that I got so drunk off of it. Of course, this happened two years ago, so with time I’ve let go of that apprehension and can drink one with ease. Ironically, it’s one of the only beers I will have at anyplace without hesitation. Then again I’ve never tried a lot of beers yet, but there’s always time!

Abeni, out!


4 thoughts on “One Drunken Night… Tale 1: Twenty Times Three

    1. Haha, same here!! To be honest, I’m still very new to beer in general, Corona is still the only one I really can drink at the moment. Luckily, there’s always a lot of time for me to learn! Thanks so much for your comment! 💖💖💖


    1. Oh, this is very good advice! You just never know how much fun you’ll have so it’s always great to have backup just in case. Thanks for your comment! ^.^


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