The weather in Central Florida is getting nicer as of late. It was cloudy and rainy all of Wednesday, but yesterday the sky pulled a total 180. Sun was out, no clouds in sight. As the sun bowed out and the night started to creep in, the air got a little cooler each minute. In preparation for the next few days of cold weather (finally!), I wore this ensemble in an attempt to put in some effort into my outfit…for once.


This sweater is one of my favorite items because of its simplicity. The sleeves are a simple knit pattern and the front is a soft ribbed alligator skin style fabric. What makes it work are the zipper details on the collar that border this fabric. I paired this with a blue flowy A-line skirt, black tights, and black suede H&M loafers.

What I love about the tights is the back design. The silver stars are a really nice detail that is similar to back seam hosiery in their arrangement but more…G-rated, so to say.




2016-11-10-20-38-42Sweater: Calvin Klein | Skirt: Thrifted | Tights: Target | Shoes: H&M

Overall, I’m pleased with my outfit choice and the effort I put into it. I didn’t notice until a few hours ago how well coordinated the colors were: an overall theme of  black, blue, and gold. Even my nails right now are a bright blue!

This may be the shortest post I’ve written on this blog so far, but that’s the gist of my outfit choice! I’m so anticipating this cold weather coming in and I can’t wait to crack open my windows.

Abeni, out!



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