…confession over.

I just came to that realization a few days ago. My major is advertising-public relations (it’s all one big thing here at UCF, not separate majors for both Advertising and for Public Relations), and I’ve officially been a part of this major since last spring. It’s a limited-access program, so only about 40 people get in each semester with fall being the most competitive. I was one of the lucky ones back in Fall 2015 to be accepted in the major, so imagine my excitement when I relaized I’ll be alongside people with similar interests! I’ll have some buddies for life! And other cheesy G-rated kids show nonsense!

One year later…

I’m now starting to realize, “Wow, I just don’t care for anyone in this major. Who would’ve guessed?” So yes, hate isn’t the exact word I’d use (it’s in the title for dramatic effect!). I was told that the people in my major were going to be my competition, which I believe. It’s not even this fact, really. It’s mostly the fact that for some strange reason, I just can’t relate to the majority of these folks. I feel like a lot of people in this major are pretentious and borderline obsessed with this stuff and that’s just not me; it isn’t something I can vibe with. I realized, too, that the acquaintances and friends I have so far here at UCF come from so many different majors like psychology, sociology (in fact, this is my minor), bio-med, criminal justice, marketing, etc. That list could probably grow with time, but the point is that I feel like I can connect more even on a basic level with people OUTSIDE of my major than the ones within my major.

I’ve heard from other people that they are engineering majors for example and they’re feeling the same. They can’t relate to others in their major, don’t care for them, maybe they don’t even like them, etc., so I know I’m not going crazy. But that doesn’t matter because I’m happy I made it this far (all thanks to the man upstairs) and I’m going to keep on doing me and being great. Well, trying to professionally, anyway. There’s still a lot of professional development to be done!

That’s my confession, but I’d love to know: have you ever felt this way before? Do you like the people in your own major? Do you just feel neutral towards them? What’s your opinion on this?

Abeni, out!


3 thoughts on “Confession: I Hate Everyone In My Major

  1. Sometimes I feel like I don’t necessarily like or care about my friends, let alone people who are more or less strangers. I get into a mood like that, where I simply feel neutral. Some feelings pass and some don’t. But I think it’s not that crazy, who knows 🙂


    1. I’m so happy someone else feels the same way…I thought I was going crazy, lol. For me, in general, most times I tend to really only care for a select few people and not many others …but I’m an introvert (I notice you’re an ENFJ!) so that may be just me! Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend! ^.^

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      1. Don’t worry, I often feel like I am going crazy, hahah 😀 it’s a similiar thing with me, I can get really emotionally attached, but it takes time! Anyway, you too have a great weekend! 🙂


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