My First Post! (For Real This Time!)

This blog is my baby. It has been around for God knows how long. It was a dream of mine to keep a blog about…something, ever since 11th grade, probably. A little while after I finished high school in 2012, I wanted to start a nail art blog since I was obviously very much into nail art at the time. Seriously, I was trying some new design I found off of the Internet every two or three weeks, and even documenting my results in the form of a photograph to share on social media…well, mostly Instagram. It’s practically a nail art mecca.

But, y’know…that was then! I haven’t really tried any new nail art things since 2015. Maybe I’ll start a nail swatch blog one of these days, but it’s not likely any time soon.

Aside from that, I’ve dabbled with the idea of a 365-a-day blog. You know, those blogs where you take a photo and write about it every single day? I’ve probably tried this idea 5 times already, but I can never continue after two weeks. I don’t know why; maybe it’s the lack of motivation after a while? Or maybe it’s that so many other things come up and it just gets shoved to the back of my mind….

Anyways, we’re here now and this new identity I’ve established for it is the blog I’ve decided to work with from this point forward. I can’t even begin to tell you how many re-workings this blog has gone through so far. From last year, I had a desire to start a blog called “The Weird Black Girls Club” and target it towards young black girls that defy stereotypes. Going off of that name, it was going to be based on what a club would be like. But I had absolutely no idea how to specifically target it towards this audience, though, or even what the blue hell I was doing! So I scrapped it and started semi-fresh…to turn it into just a personal blog. It was called, for a few months, “The Weird Black Girl”. Mostly because the url weirdblackgirl was already taken…whoever you are, let’s be friends! Pretty please? You could be my long-lost twin sister, for all we know!

So the question you’re probably asking is: “Well, what the hell even is this blog, then?”
You know what? With this “rebranding”, “How To Be Abeni”, I think it’s a perfect indicator of what I’d love for this blog to be. By this, I mean that my blog will definitely be a personal blog: my everyday life (or trying to make it daily, anyway), giving my thoughts on certain things, talking about my favorite things, etc. It’ll be something where I can express myself through my all-time favorite medium: writing! I don’t think I’m the BEST WRITER EVER(!!!), but I feel that this blog will be a great contributor to my continuing development (in all forms; professional, personal, not just writing). A personal blog is probably the right match for me right now because there’s so many things I can write about, and these ideas just keep on coming like an idea machine!

This may be a new beginning for this blog, but it doesn’t mean its overall purpose has changed! It’s still my crazy awkward adventures and everything, just with a new and better name. Stay tuned for exciting future installments of “How To Be Abeni!”

…okay, is this how you end it? Are the cameras still rolling? I have no idea how to end a blog post yet…The End*? Yeah, let’s go with that for now! Just visualize me posting up a peace sign and walking out with an unmatchable swagger.

Abeni, out!

*Hooray for a 21 Jump Street reference!


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